Keys to learning Spanish in an easy and fun way

Learning Spanish | Spanish the second language in the world

Studying languages is the key that opens almost every door. With them, you will be able to communicate with people from all over the world and access much more specialized jobs. Among the languages you can study, we are going to propose you one that is not only very fashionable, but also the second most spoken in the world. Yeah, we’re talking about learning Spanish.
How to learn Spanish in an easy and fun way

Of course, in order to learn Spanish, it is best to come to Spain so that you can interact with native teachers in your home country. In addition, Spain is a country full of interesting things, where you can also learn about a millenary culture.

For your Spanish course, you can choose from the main cities in the country, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville. In addition to learning the language, you can visit some of the most important museums in the world. It will also give you the opportunity to enter its streets, witnesses of centuries of history. And, of course, we don’t forget about gastronomy. We are not only talking about the famous tapas; Spain is one of the main gastronomic destinations. Why not take advantage of your stay to enjoy the most delicious dishes?

If you like the beach, we know that Spain is famous for its endless hours of sunshine and the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Spanish while enjoying the benefits of the sea. Some sun and beach destinations to study the language are Mallorca, Denia, Malaga, Alicante or Cadiz. Each with its own unique characteristics, but all a delight.

We know it’s hard to decide on just one destination. But start with the one who seduces you the most, learning the language and then you can travel all over the country as you please. You still have a lot of places to go after learning Spanish.


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Los 7 secretos para aprender español!! Top 7 tips to learn Spanish!! 😃

top 7 tips to learn Spanish

tips to learn Spanish


Do you know the top 7 tips to learn Spanish which require minimal effort? If not never fear, we are here to help, and we will make the process a whole lot easier!

Learning a new skill takes time, effort and dedication. It´s easy to find the right motivation whether this is down to taste, culture, its art, or its people. However, we all know it’s even easier is to find excuses such as: I´m too old, I have a bad memory, I’m afraid to travel – this list can be endless!

But, by using the correct method the results you see will be much more impressive. Pay attention to this, our best tips for learning Spanish.

 Girl Learning Spanish

1 – Experience life by living in Spain for 1, 2 or even 3 weeks.

             The best way to be able to speak the language we want to learn, is to actually go there and use it. It’s important to refine the ear and to be able to listen to original accents. Avoid picking up the bad habits of non-natives or English speakers.

2- Speak, listen and participate

               Take advantage of this great opportunity. Remember that just one hour speaking by yourself with a native, is the equivalent to 5 hours spent in class. The final objective is to be able to have a fluent conversation, but don´t be afraid of making mistakes. What’s more, speak a lot, and be prepared to make those mistakes.

3- Try thinking in Spanish

Don´t forget that communication starts in our brain. So, force your brain to start thinking in Spanish from the very first moment. It’s so much fun to be able to introduce some Spanish expressions into your vocabulary such as “bravo, feliz cumpleaños, cómo estás”, etc.

tips to learn Spanish


4 – Make it easy

Learn and practice the most commonly spoken words. Did you know that there are practically only 200 words used by Spanish people per day? This means that with a not very wide vocabulary, you will be able to learn and speak Spanish perfectly.

5 – Revise in bed

It’s a commonly known fact that our brain continues working while we are sleeping. The last information we imprint in our memory before bed has the best chance of being remembered. Why not take advantage of this? It’s highly recommended to even listen to podcasts, Spanish songs or programmes while we are sleeping. Because our senses, although they are not highly activated, they’re still working and processing information. All you have to do is sleep soundly in your bed.

6- Make mistakes

Don´t let fear or shame of failing be a barrier to your success. Because no one will laugh at you for speaking incorrectly. On the contrary, people will appreciate your efforts, and will help make it even easier for you. No one can reach perfection without making some small mistakes. Like one of the best inventors of all times said, he didn´t fail one thousand times, he learnt one thousand ways of how not to design the bulb. And the same is for you, start practising.

7- Change your computer, your Smartphone and your gadgets into Spanish

This isn’t so hard for you to do as you more or less know the information which they give to you. Make Spanish gain a presence in your day to day life. This is your final objective! In conclussion Spanish is the second most spoken language, and its presence will continue to grow and grow in our globalised world. Its importance is in all areas of business, communication and the economy. This makes it reach wider and wider, and will become more accessible for you to continue to speak and communicate in many areas of your own life.


tips to learn Spanish

Así que ya sabes, mi amigo :D. Keep going, study Spanish, and the last tip: Do it with passion!! And try to follow the top 7 tips to learn Spanish!!


The best Spanish courses in Spain 😃:


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Cadiz carnival. Probably, the best carnival in the world.

Cadiz carnival


Welcome to Cádiz. A beautiful city and port in south western Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Regarded by many as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe. The city was founded by the Phoenicians.

Cádiz is a small island located where the Guadalete River meets the sea. Tt is immersed in the Natural Park of the Bay of Cádiz, and is situated 124 km from the regional capital, Seville. She was named by Lord Byron as “Sirena del Océano” and is popularly known as the “Tacita de Plata“.

Cadiz seaport Tacita de plata

This city in Spain is not only known for the “grace” of its people, but also for its carnival. For many, it’s the best in the world, even better than Rio de Janeiro.


Scholars have tried to know the exact origin of the Carnival, trying to see possible links.  The Bacchanalia (in honor of the god Bacchus), the Saturnalia (the god Saturn), and the Lupercarles (in honor of the god Pan), might be related to its origin. All celebrations that took place in ancient Greece and classical Rome.

However, the Cadiz Carnival is the fruit of Christianity. Without the idea of ​​Lent, it would not exist in Europe as it has since the European Middle Ages. Christianity establishes a passionate order of time, in which episodes of joy and sadness alternate, depending on the time of prohibitions or tolerances. The Carnival is the consequence of the simple conception of the time that Christianity adopts. A conception adjusted to life cycles and crops.      

Don Carnal Doña Cuaresma Cadiz carnival


The Book of Good Love, a classic of Spanish literature written by the Archpriest of Hita, explains in a symbolic way the history of the carnival.  

Don Carnal, worldly man and lover of pleasures, is challenged by Doña Cuaresma to end a dispute in battle that will take place in one week, on Ash Wednesday. Don Carnal accepts and after 7 days goes to the battlefield accompanied by his army (oxen, pigs, chickens, calves and goats), to confront the open field with Doña Cuaresma and his legion (vegetables and seafood).

After an exhausting day of battle, both opponents decide to retire to their tents to rest. Therefore, Don Carnal takes the opportunity to indulge in an impressive banquet, which makes him fall into a very heavy sleep. Doña Cuaresma, sees the great opportunity of this moment, and without losing a second, she makes his enemy prisoner thus winning the battle. From the first day of its expiration, the Ash Wednesday, the glutton of Don Carnal is forced to confess. Duo to its sins, he is forced to do penance of fasting and abstinence.

Meanwhile, Doña Cuaresma celebrates  during the period prior to Holy Week. After forty days (Lent), Don Carnal begins to be sorry for his former way of life, hedonistic and gluttonous. But, during the Palm Sunday he feels an unexpected impulse. It motivates him to outwit Don Ayuno, and escape from his cell. Once released, he gathers his companions and decides to take revenge on Doña Cuaresma. When Don Carnal suspects the possible attack of his opponent she decides to flee in the direction of Jerusalem, the night of Good Friday. The next day, on Saturday of Gloria, Don Carnal with Don Amor, Don Almuerzo and Doña Merienda, enter the city on a musical carriage to parade his victory.


Cadiz carnival chirigota


Cadiz Carnival represents passion, fun, joy, and great doses of emotion. Cádiz invites anyone who wishes to attend such parties. In fact, there are venues which host them and, for free,  offer tastings and drinks for such revellers. Each and every one of these parties are set in a carnival climate. So, while you eat the products that give name to the event itself, the first notes of the chirigotas and comparsas are already playing.

So, why hesitate …. vente pa Cádiz, killo!!! 😀

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Retiro Park. An oasis, in the desert of Madrid.


Retiro Park is one of the places you can not leave Madrid without visiting it.  It´s birthday dates back to the XVII centurty, in the times of Phillip IV. Into its origins, this park was part of the Court , an it was in 1868 when it was declared municipal heritage, and therefore open to the public.

Spanish people call it simply “El Retiro” .The park is a large and popular 1.4 km2 (350 acres) park at the edge of the city centre, very close to  Puerta de Alcalá, and not far from the Prado Museum. A magnificent park, filled with beautiful sculptures and monuments, galleries, a peaceful lake, and a host to a variety of events, it is one of Madrid’s premier attractions. The park is entirely surrounded by the present-day city.

Parque del retiro

Attractive features

The Cristal Palace: this imppresive structure was planned to be a grennhouse for tropical plants, into it´s origins. It´s cristal vaults and walls will delight the visitor´s view. Nowadays it is used as an exhibition hall for the Reina Sofía´s museum. As an historical anecdote, this palace held Manuel Azaña´s proclamation, as the president of the second spanish republic, in 1936.

Palacio de cristal

The pond.

Another mythical place, with it´s typical little boats, ducks and carps. This artificial lake was built by order of Philip IV to recreate naval battles and aquatic shows.  Some times, even the monarch himself participated.

Nowadays, is a big focus for tourists. There you can rent a boat and sail around the pond for 45´ and about 6 euros/boat.

Sports, picnic, and free-time at El Retiro

The Retiro Park has become the meeting point for skaters, runners, groups of yoga, etc. A lot of sports are practised at this wonderful site. Also a lot of people just go for a walk inside, making picnic with some friends, take photographies, etc. Many street-artist make their performances there. Mimics, clowns, musicians… The entertainment options are numerous, including a library and an art gallery.

So, don´t forget to visit the park in your trip to Madrid, and take some beautiful photos.


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Take a look at Cadiz Carnival!! 😀

Cadiz carnival. Probably, the best carnival in the world.