Uprising in a Spanish prison.

Cell 211 recounts the events that take place during a prison mutiny.

An exciting film with which you can expand your knowledge of Spanish, especially with common everyday expressions.

The fear of losing our freedom is a grief phobia that afflicts us all, so what are those who have already lost it afraid of? This film – based on the novel by Francisco Pérez Gandul – is, to date, one of the most blockbuster films in Spanish cinema and, with its eight Goya awards, was a revolution in action cinema in our country at the time of its release – in 2009.

Cell 211, directed by Mallorcan Daniel Monzón, is a fast-paced prison thriller about the misadventures of Juan, a prison officer who, on the first day of his new job at a Zamora prison, is involved in an unfortunate riot accident. To survive in the midst of this outbreak of chaos and violence, Juan decides to pose as one more prisoner.

The course of events gives the official the opportunity to meet and get to know the leader of the prison revolt: Bad Mother – interpreted by a splendid Luis Tosarque – makes this character the undisputed protagonist of the story thanks to his charisma and personality – who tries to negotiate with the Government for more dignified living conditions for all the prisoners. To this end, he plans to use prisoners of vital importance…

This is a film of harsh contrasts, in which good and evil do not always seem to fit the position of the characters within the prison: dare to see what some members of the security forces may be capable of in order to have everything under control and let the prisoners make you empathise with them for their honesty or loyalty. As you’ll see as the film progresses, behind the profile of a murderer or thief there may be much more to it than what you can initially anticipate.

If you like action and strong emotions, don’t hesitate to watch Celda, a film that has nothing to envy from any Hollywood superproduction. When you want to realize it, you’re sure to have many of the most common and familiar expressions of the Spanish language that appear constantly throughout history in your mind!

Adrián G. Gómez

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