Los 7 secretos para aprender español!! Top 7 tips to learn Spanish!! 😃

tips to learn Spanish


Do you know the top 7 tips to learn Spanish which require minimal effort? If not never fear, we are here to help, and we will make the process a whole lot easier!

Learning a new skill takes time, effort and dedication. It´s easy to find the right motivation whether this is down to taste, culture, its art, or its people. However, we all know it’s even easier is to find excuses such as: I´m too old, I have a bad memory, I’m afraid to travel – this list can be endless!

But, by using the correct method the results you see will be much more impressive. Pay attention to this, our best tips for learning Spanish.

 Girl Learning Spanish

1 – Experience life by living in Spain for 1, 2 or even 3 weeks.

             The best way to be able to speak the language we want to learn, is to actually go there and use it. It’s important to refine the ear and to be able to listen to original accents. Avoid picking up the bad habits of non-natives or English speakers.

2- Speak, listen and participate

               Take advantage of this great opportunity. Remember that just one hour speaking by yourself with a native, is the equivalent to 5 hours spent in class. The final objective is to be able to have a fluent conversation, but don´t be afraid of making mistakes. What’s more, speak a lot, and be prepared to make those mistakes.

3- Try thinking in Spanish

Don´t forget that communication starts in our brain. So, force your brain to start thinking in Spanish from the very first moment. It’s so much fun to be able to introduce some Spanish expressions into your vocabulary such as “bravo, feliz cumpleaños, cómo estás”, etc.

tips to learn Spanish


4 – Make it easy

Learn and practice the most commonly spoken words. Did you know that there are practically only 200 words used by Spanish people per day? This means that with a not very wide vocabulary, you will be able to learn and speak Spanish perfectly.

5 – Revise in bed

It’s a commonly known fact that our brain continues working while we are sleeping. The last information we imprint in our memory before bed has the best chance of being remembered. Why not take advantage of this? It’s highly recommended to even listen to podcasts, Spanish songs or programmes while we are sleeping. Because our senses, although they are not highly activated, they’re still working and processing information. All you have to do is sleep soundly in your bed.

6- Make mistakes

Don´t let fear or shame of failing be a barrier to your success. Because no one will laugh at you for speaking incorrectly. On the contrary, people will appreciate your efforts, and will help make it even easier for you. No one can reach perfection without making some small mistakes. Like one of the best inventors of all times said, he didn´t fail one thousand times, he learnt one thousand ways of how not to design the bulb. And the same is for you, start practising.

7- Change your computer, your Smartphone and your gadgets into Spanish

This isn’t so hard for you to do as you more or less know the information which they give to you. Make Spanish gain a presence in your day to day life. This is your final objective! In conclussion Spanish is the second most spoken language, and its presence will continue to grow and grow in our globalised world. Its importance is in all areas of business, communication and the economy. This makes it reach wider and wider, and will become more accessible for you to continue to speak and communicate in many areas of your own life.


tips to learn Spanish

Así que ya sabes, mi amigo :D. Keep going, study Spanish, and the last tip: Do it with passion!! And try to follow the top 7 tips to learn Spanish!!


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Post written by: Dan

Translation:          Lauren Housley.



















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